The Best Roast Beef for Sandwiches Recipe (2024)



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Brandon J. Li

The roast beef is pure perfection and for those that are having difficulty finding a beef top loin roast some folks also call it a beef top sirloin roast.


For our weekend co*cktail, I prepared Melissa's top loin. I had the bakery machine slice a baguette into rounds. I smeared mayo seasoned with browned pureed garlic, salt, lemon, cayenne, & fresh minced parsley on the rounds, then broiled till crusty. I mounded the beef on the rounds, garnished with slivers of seeded tomato, another swirl of mayo & a small crush of black pepper. They were pretty and gone before I could get any - I kid you not! Tonights sandwiches will be on ciabatta. Yum.

Jo Ann Henderson

Sometimes it's the simple things that make a memorable moment. I saw this come up on my homepage on Sunday morning. I was stumped for Sunday dinner, which several family members stop in to enjoy each week. I thought roast beef sandwiches sounded so good and I would make my apologies for not preparing a four-course meal. I got some good artisan bread and made a horseradish mayo and grilled onions to accompany. Everyone was pleased. So simple, so good! Thanks for the inspiration!


Due to circ*mstances beyond my control, my little roast sat in the garlic, rosemary, etc. for an extra night. It was really delicious!


For anyone having trouble finding cuts of beef that seem to be unknown to butcher because of regional names of cuts for roasts etc.. check this out!! Many names for this cut!!
It's good to use for A LOT of RECIPES, I am on East coast and many names are different here for same cut! Great ROAST BEEF! buttered & toasted roll w/melted sharp provalone!!


I used Herbs de Provence, and it turned it great.


Made this for a work potluck to great acclaim. I used a 4.5 lbs Eye Top roast with double the salt and pepper, and triple the Garlic and Rosemary. I left it in the rub overnight, and then left it out to dry for 90 minutes. It went into the oven at 325 for 100 minutes or so until the internal temperature was about 150-155 for medium-well (at the request of my coworkers). The seasoned crust was crunchy and delicious. I carved off the fat and snacked on it while slicing the meat.


Sweet lord this is good. We stood around the cutting board eating it as fast as it was sliced. 130 degrees inside: rosy and tender, and the garlic rosemary crust is exactly right. People even nibbled on the crispy edges to the fat caps, and there's only enough roast left to make it through Tuesday.


A wonderful recipe. I roasted it at a about 375 degrees for a shorter time and it was perfect at room temp with small olive oil rolls, mayo and horseradish sauce and thin slices of red onion.


I love this recipe and love learning to cook. This recipe is wonderful and easy to do even for a less experienced cook like me. I let it season in the fridge for 24-hours. The only thing I would do different next time is a little less salt. So maybe 2 tsp instead of 2 1/2. My roast was about 2 1/4 lbs and I roasted it for 60 mins to start and checked the temp every 5 minutes after that. So happy with how it came out.

Lorry Kennedy

This is a winner. Made it two weeks in a row. Once for a crowd, once for us. Butcher gave me a top sirloin roast with the fat on, came out great.


I just bought one at Safeway here in Maryland and it is labeled top loin. Perhaps that label has become more common recently, or it may reflect a regional difference. At any rate, your comment was not constructive.

Lorraine Fina Stevenski

Why not make 2 meals? I love rump roast and have the butcher cut me a 5 pound piece. Dinner the first night and leftovers for sandwiches. I hate paying $11 a pound for deli roast beef. Rump roast looks the same as the top loin with that nice slab of fat on top. Nicely marbled inside with tender meat. Take out of the oven at 130 degrees for rare because it will continue to cook out of the oven.

Robert Eisenberg

The name "top loin" does not appear in supermarkets, or specialty markets or Costco in the Midwest.

If the NY Times is to be a national newspaper, it must speak national

I doubt if the phrase "top loin" is used in California: it certainly was not
when I lived there albeit years ago.

What IS top loin?

Molly Gallucci

My butcher wasn't sure what a top loin roast was so we used a 4 1/4 lb New York Strip cut prepared not as steaks but in one piece as a roast then I doubled the garlic-rosemary rub and it was perfect! The roasting time was about 95-100 minutes using the larger roast cooking to 130 degrees. Delicious!


Made this with a 4 lb rump roast. 375 degrees for 20 mins followed by 80 mins at 325 degrees for a temp of 130. Medium-rare delicious.


Another Melissa marvel! One tip: Sharp, quality carving knive for thin, easy chewing pleasure

E. M

My local Wegmans supermarket always seems to have the correct cut of meat; the recipe is clear, easy to prepare and repeatedly turns out beautifully for me -as long as I monitor for correct temperature since meat continues to cook a bit after removal from oven.


I used a too lean cut - eye of round - and a smaller cut - 1.34 pounds. Cut the salt to match the weight, used the rosemary, garlic and pepper in the quantities listed. Marinated overnight, wrapped the roast in bacon before putting on the rack. Started testing for doneness at 30 minutes. Fantastic!


2 lbs rump roast, garlic powder and dried herbs, 55 minutes, perfect

Paul R.

Excellent. Made it with bottom round, which was really great. Not sure about the mango pickle.


Thanks for the 'bottom round' answer. I made it w/ chuck roast and it was tough. The cut recommended and its other names, i.e. NY Strip loin roast, etc. are more than twice the price of the bottom round, etc. -not a bargain by any means.


Beef round bottom and beef chuck roast are the only two roasts I can find at my store...would these work? Thanks for any help offered. CH


Roasted this the day before the party, chilled and sliced morning of...perfect! Made sandwiches by layering beef slices on a crosswise sliced focaccia loaf, then cut into small rectangles. Perfect!


I used a 3 pound eye of round roast. Absolutely the best roast beef I've eaten! One hour and ten minutes,perfect medium rare!

Cameron Williams

I used an eye round roast, and added halved & then halved lengthwise carrots, halved red potatoes, and three onions cut lengthwise into 8ths to the bottom of the baking pan. 75 minutes at 315°, then removed the roast and returned the vegetables to the oven for fifteen minutes while the roast rested. Perfect as a hot roast, too.


Made roast beef with tri-tip cut (rabillo in Spanish). For the sandwiches, a spread of home made mayo mixed with pesto and a bit of arugula. Spectacular


slice a baguette into rounds. I smeared mayo seasoned with browned pureed garlic, salt, lemon, cayenne, & fresh minced parsley on the rounds, then broiled till crusty. I mounded the beef on the rounds, garnished with slivers of seeded tomato, another swirl of mayo & a small crush of black pepper.


I've been lucky enough to be able to get sirloin roast at Sam's Club, throughout the pandemic, for less than $5 per lb, every time. Being Sam's Club though, you're usually committing to 9-10 lbs of meat. Still, with meat prices going up, and supply chain issues, this recipe has been a great thing for our family.


If you have the time - and an oven that can be set to a low enough temperature, try roasting the beef at its terminal temperature.Salt the beef up to 24 hours before cooking, wrap in plastic and stash in the refrigerator. The next morning, heat the oven to 130 degrees, rub the roast with oil and fresh ground pepper. Roast on a rack until the temperature at the center of the roast reaches 130 for medium rare. If it takes too long, turn the oven up to 200 after 6 hours /-. Let the roast rest

James Mignola

Consider using Herbes de Provence instead of the rosemary as per Jacques Pepin.

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The Best Roast Beef for Sandwiches Recipe (2024)
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