Roasted Squash With Turmeric-Ginger Chickpeas Recipe (2024)



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I just added this to my folder of absolute favorites! What a wonderful riot of flavors - as well as easy and fast! I used butternut squash because that's what I could get. Also, I made the chickpea mixture a day ahead. I think that did a lot to blend and soften all of the flavors. Otherwise, I wouldn't change a thing.


Everyone discussing the high calories in this meal - the calculations are correct. I would recommend if you are concerned about calories, and fat, and sodium, you have options to reduce those by minor tweaking.For the fat side of things I would substitute - non-fat yogurt or non-fat Greek style yogurt - reduce the oilFor the high sodium I would (I always do) make the chick peas from dry ones. I make these ahead and freeze in small freezer bags in 2 cup portions (about the amount in a can).

Susie D

Had this for dinner last night and it was outstanding! Used mixed greens & included the pomegranate seeds. The yoghurt combined with the sauce on the chickpeas to make a wonderful dressing for the greens & the burst of juice from the pomegranate complemented the sharpness of the garlic beautifully. Made the chickpeas the day before to let the flavours meld & roasted the butternut squash for about 20 minutes at 400 (longer will result in burnt mush). Definitely will make again.

Ellen Smart

This is delicious! The friend who came for lunch took one bite and said, "Mmm -- Earthy!" I had assembled the two parts two days before, and refrigerated. Good quality turmeric is important, for sure. I didn't peel the squash, used lacinato kale for crunch, color. Might add more squash or fewer gsrbanzos next time.


I plan to make this tonight - as written. To those wigging over the nutritional content: One WHOLE 2# butternut squash yields ~ 3 C in cubed flesh, calorie count 189 or 47 cal/serving. You don't add 2# squash to this dish, just what's left after you peel & seed your 2# squash. Squash is low in calories and high in nutrients. A healthy, tasty food! Re: Sodium: Trader Joe's organic chickpeas have 130 mg sodium. 32 mg/serving, or 1.4% of the US RDA. This is a healthy recipe!


Agree with others that oil and cider vinegar can be reduced. I thinned out the full-fat yogurt with a little lemon juice and zest. Only need about a tablespoon or so on each salad so the calorie/fat content is negligible. Added some chopped kale as Ellen suggested.


I love love love this recipe! You can marinate the veggies as described, or cook them. You can use garbonzo beans or northern white beans or any other beans you like. It’s so adaptable and yummy!


Look at the ingredients, there's nothing there to give this the calorie profile of angel food cake. Obviously there's a mistake. We shouldn't let the written word trump our own sensibility.


The recipe should have called for stirring the squash halfway through, because mine turned black on the bottom. I'm not a fan of dried turmeric, as I find that it has a tinny, metallic taste. Uaed my own chickpeas, but not even that helped--I would not make this again. I had high expectations but was disappointed.


You can use non-dairy yogurt (like Kite Hill almond milk yogurt or a coconut yogurt) to keep this recipe vegan.

Mary Beth Kohler

Yummy dinner dish! I used a queen acorn squash with the skin. Also used parsley, dill and mint. Quite happy with the recipe.


I found the seasonings need adjusting for me. I would reduce the garlic to 3 cloves, and the vinegar to 3 TBspoons. If kabocha is used, only roast it for 20 minutes at 400, otherwise it will become too soft. When serving, don't add liquid to the plates...too strong. Otherwise this is a keeper.

Georgeann Elliott

Made this exactly as the receipe and it was delicious. Making again today for a group. Do use the pomegranate seeds. Pretty and adds a tart note.


You can very easily cut the oil in the marinade by 50% or more and cut the calorie count. Personally, I cut it to less than a tablespoon- it’s a neutral oil so adds no flavor.


Wow - over 1,000 calories and over 1,000 msg sodium. Any way to lighten this up???


you can keep this vegan by using plant-based yogurt


I found this recipe disappointing. I followed the recipe, closely, only subbing delicata squash for the recommended varieties, and using dairy-free yogurt in place of dairy yogurt. I marinated the onion for a good long while, but maybe it was just a strong onion. Because that’s all I taste…. Raw onion. It sure is pretty, but it just doesn’t taste very good.


Minor deviations: used dried sour cherries instead of pomegranate seeds, and a coconut-based "yogurt" for non-dairy creaminess, then added a few slivered toasted almonds for crunchiness (recommended, especially if you're also skipping the pomegranate seeds). While peeling & chopping the butternut squash took a bit of time, the recipe came together very quickly, especially since I marinated the chickpeas the day before (smelled amazing, btw).


This recipe is so yummy! The sour-spicy of the turmeric ginger dressing with the contrast of sweet from the roasted squash and sweet-crunch of pomegranate seeds. Wow!


I made this with butternut squash and combined fresh cilantro and parsley. As others have noted, the oil and vinegar can be greatly reduced and after marinating overnight the chickpeas are very well-flavored. Arugula is perfect for this.

Darlene C.

Halve the turmeric. Add a little honey to the dressing. Really good with banana whole wheat muffins. ( Genevieve Ko)


Not a huge fan of chickpeas and wondering if I can marinate them for a day or two, then crisp them in the oven before adding them to the salad? I'm thinking that the crunch will make up for the fact that I'm not crazy about the flavor.


The nutritional information is for 4 servings, not 1. So about 20 gm (1.5 tbsp) of oil and 320 calories per serving. The recommended fat is a neutral vegetable oil so if you choose canola, sunflower or corn oil, these are a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are healthy fats which help you absorb the vitamins in the vegetables, reduce cholesterol levels and are a required part of a healthy diet.


I made this for lunch today, yum! I only had one delicata squash on hand (it's been waiting patiently for the end of chocolate and marshmallow season) so did salad for 1 and the rest of the chickpeas will be used on another day. I used less O&V to keep calories lower and next time I'd reduce the amount of turmeric - mine is too strong for the qty listed & was overpowering. I loved the bites with squash & greens & onion/chickpea mixture but the bites without squash were a little too bitter.

Janet C.

For those concerned about the onion, try this: Put the sliced red onion in a colander in the sink and pour boiling water over it. This cuts the sharpness a bit. Then let it marinate in the vinegar mixture for at least 30 minutes, not 10 -- it'll be much more pickled and less raw-tasting.

Tawnie F.

For those concerned about the calories and fat- sugar is much much worse. Low fat greek yogurt is higher in sugar than full fat. Coming from a 41 yo woman that is of a healthy weight- make sure you eat healthy fats but don't worry about too much fat when it's healthy. Sugar is most definitely more unhealthy


I just made this salad and it is fabulous!Full disclosure, I roasted the chickpeas marinade a little in the hot oven after the Squash came out. Hm, not necessary; so don’t do that.Ate all the roasted chickpeas while making a new batch of fresh chickpeas and marinade. So good. Do that!


Delicious. I conquered my pomegranate fear which really added to the recipe. The yogurt is a must to balance the acidic chickpeas. I used delicata squash. We will definitely have this again. My husband said it was like something you would have in a restaurant. And anyone who is freaking out about the nutritional info should just calculate it yourself to realize that what is listed is probably (or at least pretty close) for the whole dish and not for an individual serving


you can use vegan yogurt. Use the Kite Hill brand.

Tessa Y

Tasty recipe however I didn’t love the raw onion(even after marinating for a long time). If I were to do it again, I would leave out the vinegar and roast the onions, garlic and chickpeas with the squash. I used spinach and love how it wilts with the hot veggies. The yogurt and pomegranate were tasty additions.

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Roasted Squash With Turmeric-Ginger Chickpeas Recipe (2024)
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